PUBG Mobile Servers Down for Maintenance, Vikendi Snow Map Coming-Karan Arora Mohali

The servers are currently down, as the developer is updating the game to version 0.10.0 which will bring the fourth classic mode map, Vikendi.


PUBG Mobile is back online. However, the update to version 0.10.0 is not rolling out at the time of writing this. Users can play PUBG Mobile version 0.9.5 at the moment.

If you’re trying to log into PUBG Mobile this morning and are facing trouble, not to worry. Game developer Tencent Games has taken the PUBG Mobile servers into maintenance mode, and it is expected to remain so till 2:30PM (IST). Depending on maintenance progress, the game could be made available earlier or later than the given time. Once complete, users will be able to update the game to version 0.10.o, the latest version.

The new version of the game is expected to bring some key changes, the biggest of which is the addition of the fourth map for the game’s popular Classic Mode: Vikendi. The new snow map has been talked about for some weeks now, and teasers both within and outside the game have spoken of the coming map.

Vikendi is expected to be very different from the other three maps in the game, introducing an Arctic location covered in snow. The map is 6km by 6km in size, and will be available a bit later, although it will be enabled through this major update.

The game update will be pushed through the Google Play Store and iOS App Store soon after completion of the maintenance exercise, and users are being encouraged to update to the latest version before December 25. Users updating in time will receive in-game rewards, including an Outfit Box (7d) and 1,888 BP (in-game credits). Furthermore, opening up the game post update will also likely require a software update. These updates are likely to be large in size, and it’s recommended that you carry these out on a Wi-Fi connection or a mobile data plan with sufficient available data.

Other changes coming to the game with the update include a new snow theme for the main menu, Arabic language support, cross-server matchmaking, the ability to report suspicious behavior while in spectator mode after dying in-game, a new firearms finish upgrade system and season spending rewards. Some of these are functional and will help improve the gameplay, while the key change will of course be the addition of the new map. The update will be available this afternoon onwards, although it may take time to reach all users.

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